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Framing Materials

Materials, Framing, Care, and Conservation

We use a wide variety of framing materials to display and conserve your artwork and precious objects. All our framing is conservation based and if the item has been rolled or creased we will flatten before framing. Pictures can be framed with a card surround (mount) to enhance and complement. It may be with valuable pictures to use glass with a UV filter to reduce fading.

Materials We Use

  • Mount board
  • Board Products
  • Diffused Glass
  • Float Glass
  • Dry Mounting tissue
  • Hanging Systems
  • Barrier Board
  • Acrylic Plastic Glass

Mount board

We have a wide range of mount colours available for you to choose. Each mount is cut on-site by our skilled staff to ensure accuracy. Additionally, we can cut multi mounts which have many openings to enhance the finished work and can accommodate all sizes of prints and photos.


Our range of picture glass is unparalleled in the picture framing industry. The most exciting advances have been in the Specialist Glass area. As well as protection from UV damage there are a number of ranges of glass that have been treated to become almost invisible

Dry Mounting

We are able to dry mount a variety of items including photos, art prints and delicate fabrics. Once dry mounted your item will lay perfectly flat avoiding creases and shadows. We use double sided mount film, various laminating films and white display board.

Frame Restoration

We have a comprehensive range of wood finishing products that are ideally suited to frame restoration. By using Water or Spirit Stains, Paints, Waxes and Varnishes we are able to match colours and repair frames.


Our extensive range of mouldings originate from various countries worldwide. Different woods are used depending on the style and finish required. The most common wood used is obeche, which is a sustainable product with minimum grain to reduce twisting and give a smooth surface.


Oils and acrylics on canvas need to have an back frame for stretching. Oil Stretchers have wedges in each corner to tension the canvas. Larger sizes will require cross bars. Blockstretches are where the canvas is being hung without a top frame. A square edge is used to give a sharp finish.