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Repair and Restoration

Bring your artwork back to life for years to come

Our professional restoration service restores your old or damage frames, oil paintings and watercolours with the upmost care to get the best results from your work. Our restorers use a variety of professional restoration techniques, which bring back the beauty of your frame or artwork and protect and enhance it for years to come.

Problems we can solve

  • Removing mildew and stain
  • Cleaning and varnishing
  • Repair holes & tears
  • Gilding
  • Impact damage
  • Foxing
  • Moulding casting
  • Re-lining

Our professional restoration services include.

Frames can become damaged and the finishes often get discoloured. In the majority of cases the frame can be repaired, re-guilded or coloured. It is not always cost effective to carry out this work; often making a new frame more economical.
Oil Paintings
As oil paintings age apart from the normal build-up of dirt and grim, varnishes start to degrade and discolour. Also, the canvas can weaken causing surface cracking and stretcher bar marks and occasionally holes or tears appear. All of these conditions can be resolved in our restoration workshops.
Watercolours and associated paper based pictures are very much more delicate than oil paintings and therefore are not always able to be totally restored to the original state. However, the artwork can be improved. Often the problem is caused by a low quality backing transferring its impurities through to the main work causing foxing and discolouration. It is important to remove this backing and clean the without de-grading the paper and then de-acidify the whole work to stop any further deterioration. Often during this work it is necessary to carry out repairs. During all of the operations it is important to use conservation materials and that any work carried out is reversible. Restoring watercolours is time consuming and invariably takes 4 - 8 weeks. In most cases we will have to see the work before advising, therefore a visit our showroom would be beneficial.

Frame Restoration
Oil Painting Restoration
Water Colour Restoration